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Taboo 1: Ep.3 A Tale of The Forbidden Feast / 3.73 GB

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Uploaded on: January 23, 2024

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My sister Jenna, a vision of youthful exuberance, glided into my life the day she turned eighteen, weaving her existence seamlessly with mine. She, a vibrant creature of words and wonder, offered something far more intimate: she gives me head, her voice a sultry melody, every day as I indulged in my culinary creations. Today, as I savored a fresh oyster, its briny taste a stark contrast to the sultry air between us, her tongue enveloped me, a sensuous dance of syllables and sounds. The oyster slid down my throat, a metaphor for the forbidden thoughts that Jenna’s presence stirred within me, while her reading, a ritual as necessary as breathing, unfurled a tapestry of fantasies in the dimly lit room.
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